The Final Stretch

One of the happy unavoidables of getting older is that you tend to romanticize the past — the music seemed better, the parties went longer, and being a student was one of the greatest times you (n)ever had.  With exams underway at IC, though, I’m reminded of how twisted those romanticisms can be.  Working in the Library, especially during exams, you see students at their most frazzled, their most frayed, and their most sleep-deprived.  Everyone’s on a short fuse and the clock is never on your side.  Ah, it’s all coming back now: the two-day cram sessions because you’ve been messing around all term; the late-night caffeine infusions; the “zombie fog” at 7:00AM before the exam; and the melt-into-the-mattress coma when the ordeal finally concludes.  I remember it, I really do.

And so does everyone at Schewe, which is why we provided a few treats on Reading Day to keep you upright.  Our spread started out looking like this:


And was reduced to this:


Good job, students!  Now get out there, conquer those exams, and maybe grab one of our graphic novels or popular books for a little cool-down reading before summer.