June Celebrates LGBTQ Month

by Guest Blogger: Danielle Trierweiler

June commemorates LGBT Month (also known as LGBTQ or simply “Pride” or “Gay Pride” month), honoring the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and, depending on the individual or organization,  queer communities of the United States and Internationally. For the purpose of inclusivity, I am including the “Q” in writing this blog entry just know that the meaning behind the acronyms is often a work-in-progress.

June/LGBTQ Month Showcase Display

June/LGBTQ  Showcase Display

Celebrated since 1994, when a high school teacher coordinated the event in October to converge with National Coming Out day, (October 11th) but is now celebrated in June to commemorate the 1969 Stonewall Riots in Manhattan New York, associated with the “beginning” of the LGBTQ movement and socio-political watershed moment for the community.

LGBTQ month has gained prominence in both the individual and national consciousness through a combination of court cases, activism, art and filmmaking, popular culture, professional career role models and mentorship, education, and private conversations to name just a few. Dialogues on what it means to be a community member, advocate, or ally are constantly shaping daily realities and the future of the movement.

Festivities include parades, public concerts, barbeques, poetry readings, pool parties, and other often public activities.  Many US Cities hold major a city-wide event. Pride Seattle for example, is a big deal!

Illinois College is home to its own student LGBT advocacy group SAGE (Straight and Gays for Equality) if you are interested in becoming involved on campus.


Relevant Resources:

Reads: The American Library Association (affectionately known as ALA to those of us in the library) supports a GLBT Roundtable appointed to present the 2015 Stonewall Book Awards List

Lambda Literary.org, also presents a literary award organization for excellence in LQBTQ literature. Of course, Schewe’s display case offers some excellent titles at IC but if you are reading this from a distant land or simply not here in the library, Schewe Librarians (me!) are happy to connect you to our display reading list.

Research: The Library of Congress  has prepared a list of secondary and primary resources on LGBTQ authors, composers, archivists, poets, and more!

On May 29th 2015, President Obama issued his most recent Whitehouse proclamation acknowledging the month.


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Celebration of Excellence… and Schewe!

Last Friday, April 25th, Illinois College hosted its 4th annual Celebration of Excellence.  The celebration highlighted the outstanding work which IC students and faculty produced over the last academic year.  Schewe Library hosted a number of talks throughout the day, and each was filled to capacity.  It’s events like these that really bring out the spirit of the College!

Celebration Cover Book

Though Schewe extends its congratulations to all students and faculty in the celebration, we’re particularly proud of two of our student workers — Sovit Chalise and Kelly McCormick — who were inducted into the prestigious Phi Beta Kappa Society.  For those unaware, Phi Beta Kappa is an honors society which admits only the brightest and most accomplished science & liberal arts students into its ranks.  It is also the oldest such society in the United States.  A piece of Library trivia: our own Reference Librarian/Associate Professor, Mike Westbrook, was once nominated for induction into the society; the nomination, however, was subsequently withdrawn.  Could it be that Mike’s unimpeachable character, was, in fact, impeachable??? Mike remains impishly silent on the issue… 🙂