Library Renovations

Oh the times they are a-changing. And for the better! If you have already been to the library since the start of term, you have likely noticed just how much has changed. We basically tore up the main floor in the name of this radical newness. Then we put it back together in the name of this radical newness with comfortable reading spaces, a new tech-enabled group study room, more study seating, a new reference desk, and carpet (glorious carpet!), with a few other rearrangements besides.

The lower floor and archives also saw some changes, with better study seating on the lower floor, and some new classroom capabilities for the archives’ reading room (just in time for the new Public History class offered by the archives and history department).

The upper floor is still much the same as ever with our comfy couches, overflowing book stacks, and CAE/TRIO offices.

See the before:

It was chaos everywhere, with our circulation desk temporarily set up in the Pratt classroom with a hoard of chairs, and a refrigerator or two in the middle of our main computer lab. The old carpet came up, and the new carpet came down, and then things started to come together.

See the now:

As you can see, we’ve got some spiffy looking new spaces. The new tech-alcove (Schewe 211) is the big feature, with a 4k screen and software matching our DLC; it also makes for a good group study space with some sound privacy from the rest of our social main floor. Anyone can reserve the space using the system at the door. Our new and notable items have now moved to just behind the DLC, where we will also be featuring select faculty publications. Come check out the latest hot topics, and latest research from your professors. And if you have any questions, the reference desk is the place to ask! We’re no longer hidden behind awkward cubicle walls, but open and approachable for the asking. Our reference hours will be familiar, with one of our librarians at the desk from 8:30-5 M-F. Come ask us anything!

We also have a couple of new looks on the lower floor:

On the left we have new large and small tables so you can either spread out your research or cloister yourself for isolated work (there are also some couches tucked around the sides of the stacks if you need somewhere comfy and quiet). On the right we have the new archives reading room, with our new archives intern Liz Papp already hard at work!

Last but not least, we are also welcoming the IT department’s new Service Desk Express just around the corner from the entrance on the main floor (near the printing and copying station). We know how much tech is used in the library these days, and so now we have someone on-site to help with some of the more in-depth issues that might come up! This IT Service Desk Express will be staffed 10-12, 3-5 M-F and 6:30-8:30 M-Th.


There are a number of other small changes, like the DVDs moving (still on the main floor), the Civil War Collection now being located downstairs (near the archives), and some additional seating being available on the main floor, but you will have to come to see everything for yourself. If you have any questions about how to find something, feel free to ask. We’re here for you, and excited about the new academic year!


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