Month: August 2015

Adding to the Archives

As the summer draws to a close, it’s always nice to take stock of what you’ve accomplished.  Here at Schewe, we’ve been busy during the last few months with an assortment of projects, including a revamped website, mastering some new technologies, and preparing to enter the publishing business.  One of the unexpected turns the summer took, however, was the discovery of a number of artifacts suitable for our new Archives.  The story is a strange one…








It began when a student requested a back-issue of our IC yearbook (the Rig Veda).  Through a labrynthine arrangement no one precisely understood, Schewe had come to be the steward and distributor of IC’s yearbooks, but no one, including the students, really knew this.  So we had hundreds of unopened boxes of yearbooks moldering away in our receiving room, most of them unmarked, and even more of them inaccessibly stored behind piles of shelving, detritus, and books slated for deaccessioning.  It was with great pleasure, then, that I intermittently spent two-weeks sifting through a miscellany of forgotten treasures to get to the boxes containing the yearbook in question.  As I mowed through our receiving room, however, I came to realize that the room had become a de facto repository for a large part of IC’s history, and that much of this material would be ripe for deposit in our Archives.








Looking back on the whole strange episode, I’m happy to report that much good came from the yearbook retrieval mission.  For one, the Archives got a whole bunch of great new material, including old faculty minutes, photos from the founding era of the College, yearbooks from the 1800s, and correspondence from a number of College luminaries.  As well, we found a number of conference trophies, which our Sports Information Director, Alex Keil, was eager to haul away over to Bruner.  For Schewe, we managed to free up some space in our receiving room, and also managed to collaborate with Marketing on a new scheme for distributing yearbooks.  All and all, not a bad takeaway for a simple yearbook request!