Month: May 2015

Honors Theses & Celebration of Excellence 2015

What a fantastic week we’ve just had at IC!  As students near exams, and Faculty begin to wind down the term, the campus came together for three exceptional events.  The first such event was a series of capstone course presentations and theses defenses.  I attended the Modern Language theses defenses, and each defense featured a probing, insightful, and unique take on the material under question.  Of the four presenters, I’d guess at least two will go on to make tremendous academics should they so choose.

Honors Defense Thesis







The second event of the week was the presentation of our Masters of Education students’ final research projects.  This one was especially close to my heart, as I myself earned an M.Ed., and to this day I remember the sweat equity poured into that degree.  Most of the research projects focused on some aspect of K-8 education, and maintained a strong practical bent to their research.  The Masters at IC is still a new venture, and I’m sure there were growing pains, but the presentations themselves were spirited and informed.  Good job, folks!

Masters Thesis







The final big event of the week was our annual Celebration of Excellence, which featured a variety student presentations across campus.  Here in Schewe, we hosted a number of great individual presentations during the morning, and in the afternoon we hosted Jeff Garland’s Contemporary Art Class, who did a bang-up group presentation on various “currents” of art.  The day was capped off by a wonderful art show in the Woodcock Gallery, which was impressive to newcomer and afficionado alike!

AR 346 Presentation