Month: April 2015

National Student Employment Week

April 13-17 marks National Student Employment Week.  The goal of this week is to recognize the importance of student workers on campus.  At Schewe Library, we would most definitely be lost without the help of our student employees.  They staff the Circulation Desk for each hour the library stays open from 8 in the morning until midnight.  Not only do they provide great service to their fellow students, they help the entire library by working on projects and shelving, among many other things.  You might see them helping someone find a resource or troubleshooting a problem with technology.  Most of the time, they are the first face you’ll see when you walk in the door.

Yesterday, Illinois College recognized student workers and their supervisors at a kick-off event in Bruner.  Both Luke Beatty and Sarah Snyder were nominated for the prestigious Supervisor of the Year award.  In addition, one of our student workers, Alessandra Capparelli, was nominated for Student Worker of the Year.  Clearly, all of the hard work and dedication that the library staff and student workers put in each day paid off, at least in some small way!

Alessandra Capparelli is a senior this year and will be graduating this May.  She has worked here since her Sophomore year and has put a lot of time into making the library a great place for all faculty and students.  She has been accepted into the Master’s program at Rush University where she will pursue a graduate degree in nursing.  We are all very proud of her and wish her great luck in her future career!

Student Employee Week

In addition to our slate of student library workers, Luke Beatty supervises 5 Digital Learning Center Student Assistants, each of whom are helping out a faculty member with a technologically forward-looking project.  For those not in the know, the Digital Learning Center is a recent addition to the Schewe family, and features space-age hardware, software, and a top-notch Library crew working to ensure that students, staff, and faculty get everything they can out of it.  As the academic year draws to a close, Schewe would again like to thank its Digitial Learning Center Student Assistants, who have learned fast and done some great work.  Congratulations!