Month: May 2014

Congratulations to Connie Lee

Working in an academic library isn’t without its troubles — unceasing tech issues, avaricious content providers, too many hands on our time, etc. — but when we see a student flourish, it makes it all worthwhile.  Furthermore, seeing a student’s learning, experience, and development ratified in the form of a degree is the pinnacle in a series of proud moments for the library.

And so it is with great pleasure that we congratulate one of our own, Connie Lee (Acquisitions & System Administrator), for earning her Masters degree in Management and Organizational Behavior from Benedictine University at Springfield.  Connie plans to use her newfound expertise across many areas of library operation, but as the MOB specializes in the study of human behavior in organizational settings, we’ll be looking to Connie to straighten us out when our human foibles get the best of us!

Again, congratulations Connie!

Connie at Graduation


IC Commencement 2014

As Schewe’s numbers thin out for the summer, we library folk often take a moment to reflect on events past.  A recurrent theme in these reflections has to do with our role in student success.  We know we help, but how much, exactly?  What could we have done better?  What could we have done differently?  Suffice it to say, these questions have no easy answers.  But one thing which is easy is enjoying IC’s annual Commencement ceremony, which was held last weekend.  For those few hours, the Library (and, indeed, the entire campus) saw the tangible, positive difference we’ve made in the lives of our graduating students (this year, 221).  It was truly a gratifying experience.


In honor of our past graduates, Schewe has created a small slideshow of IC Commencements through the years:

The photos were scanned from past issues of our Illinois College Quarterly.

The Final Stretch

One of the happy unavoidables of getting older is that you tend to romanticize the past — the music seemed better, the parties went longer, and being a student was one of the greatest times you (n)ever had.  With exams underway at IC, though, I’m reminded of how twisted those romanticisms can be.  Working in the Library, especially during exams, you see students at their most frazzled, their most frayed, and their most sleep-deprived.  Everyone’s on a short fuse and the clock is never on your side.  Ah, it’s all coming back now: the two-day cram sessions because you’ve been messing around all term; the late-night caffeine infusions; the “zombie fog” at 7:00AM before the exam; and the melt-into-the-mattress coma when the ordeal finally concludes.  I remember it, I really do.

And so does everyone at Schewe, which is why we provided a few treats on Reading Day to keep you upright.  Our spread started out looking like this:


And was reduced to this:


Good job, students!  Now get out there, conquer those exams, and maybe grab one of our graphic novels or popular books for a little cool-down reading before summer.